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TradeHall Carnival Trade Contest 2022

How can I be rewarded

After you complete 3 missions, you can first get a 100 credit bonus and after completing 6 missions, you can get one 20% deposit bonus and one NFT.

What is Free credit $100 for?

This credit is for increasing initial capital purpose only, it would be taken off after the event period.

How to complete Missions?

Every participant has to complete 1 mission with specific requirements in each week. (total 6 missions in 6 week), then only can be rewarded.

If I missed out on one mission, can I still participate in this event?

No, you will be dropped out of this event, so check your progress on Tradehall website more often.

Can I join the Tradehall Carnival in the 2nd week?

You can only sign up before 14th March 2022.

How can I get the rewards? What if I don't know how to collect the NFT?

After you complete the first 3 missions, 100 credits will be credited directly to your MT5 account. After completing all missions, all users will receive an email attached with how to create an Opensea account and how to claim the NFT.

How to get Limited Edition NFT rewards?

Every participant will be entitled to get one normal NFT, and for those Top 3 Profit the Most, Top 3 Top traded volume and Top 3 Fastest mission complete can get extra NFT.

TradeHall Global Contest 2022 is start now!