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TradeHall is looking for partners who can help promote our platform to potential clients.

If you are an influencer in the finance industry, or a professional in forex, you are the one we are looking for.

Become an Affiliate with Tradehall

What is an Affiliate’s role

An Affiliate’s role is to introduce clients to TradeHall and also to provide clients with a way to access specific services. An affiliate may own a blog, social media page and/or personal channel to promote, attract and retain clients.Ï

How does TradeHall reward Affiliates

We use a commission structure and CPA methodology in which the commission structure is calculated based on the affiliate’s monthly trade volume performance. Our affiliates can earn money through referrals, once a client referred by an affiliate deposits a specific amount of capital in TradeHall.

Introducing Brokers Program

Introducing Brokers Program 

Tradehall is seeking experienced and professional brokers. In return, we offer attractive rewards to our brokers.

What is an Introducing Broker’s role

An introducing broker is responsible to introduce clients to TradeHall. He or she will bring in, deliver highly experienced professional services and keep clients loyal in Tradehall. An introducing broker is also accountable to help clients make profit and receive benefits when the clients transact.

How does TradeHall reward Introducing Brokers

Tradehall uses a commission structure that encourages an introducing broker to lead clients in trade to rack up commissions.

Dedicated Partner Support

Our Customer Support Team will be by your side 24/7 to ensure that you can grow your business smoothly.

Attractive rewards provided to Tradehall Partners to appreciate their efforts.

On Tradehall, our Techninal Team maintains our server to enhance your trading experience.


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