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Tradehall PAMM Service

PAMM provides service to investors where they allow all their accounts to be managed by skilled traders. Investors do not need any trading experience on FOREX & CFD markets.

Investors only need to choose one or several Managers to perform the transactions on their behalf. Meanwhile, the professional Managers gain additional income from managing investor’s funds.

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How does Tradehall PAMM work?

If the manager makes a profit, the amount of funds in the PAMM account increases. Then, the profit is distributed among the manager and investors based on the size of their initial investments.

As per agreement between Fund Manager and Investors, there will be a remuneration amount as specified in the PAMM contract. So, the fund manager will get certain profit sharing from the Investors’ profit.

In this example, the Fund Manager and Investors profit sharing agreement is 30:70, hence the Fund Manager will get 30% from the Investors’ profit.

Reasons to get started for investors

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Limitless possibilities for earnings with no prior trading experience on Forex and CFD

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Limitless recurrent investments
in the same account

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Opportunity to invest in different strategies to diversify risk

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Access to full volume of statistical
data for analysis

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Fund protection guarantees against
withdrawal by the Manager

How to Invest

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Register and top up into
your MT5 account

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Select a suitable Manager
to follow

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Submit LPOA & FD Form and
start earning!

Reasons to get started for managers

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The opportunity to get extra income by using your experience and knowledge

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Transparent and high profile exposure to attract unlimited number of investors

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Account settings to protect your trading strategy from being copied

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Management of all investments
in one account

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Automated calculation
of profit sharing

How to become a Manager

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Register with Tradehall
as PAMM Manager

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Set up account and transfer capital
to PAMM account

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Set the term of the proposal
& offer and start trading!


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