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What can I trade for the competition?

According to the Term and Conditions, you are allowed to trade everything listed on our platform.

What account type I will be used in the contest?

All participants will be using a STP demo account with 10,000 initial capital and a leverage of 1:100.

What should I do after registration?

After you finished registration. You may click login to your account and go to ‘Trading Platform’ to install MT5. MT5 offers advanced financial trading functions, as well as superior tools for technical and fundamental analysis.

If I want to enhance my trading skill, what can I do?

No worry, If you have successfully joined the contest you will get access to a free course which has been specially designed for you.

Where to view those free courses?

Login into Tradehall, check on the dashboard>My Courses, and you can start viewing those videos.

How to sign in MT5?

Follow the steps of the tutorial video.

How can I start a trade?

You can start your trade on 1 June 2022(GMT +0) at 00:00:00. To open a trade position, you can follow the steps.

I have never used MT5 before, how can I draw a chart on MT5?

To draw a chart or apply an indicator, you can watch the video.

Why is my MT5 not showing any pairs?

 You can watch the video to see how to set it.

Do I need to cover the losses of the Demo Contest Account?

No, a Demo Contest Account is provided for contest purposes, any profit and loss will not be covered by participants.


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TradeHall Global Contest 2022 is start now!