Congratulations to the official launch of the DMT Multi Broker Trading Platform! | 20/01/2023

DMT Tech Limited is very proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement with TradeHall Limited, which is a very important milestone and marks the first partnership between DMT and a Forex broker in Australia. We have chosen TradeHall as our prioritized partner, because we know that it is an excellent partner now and in the future. In fact, TradeHall has officially become DMT’s forex broker, which is a concrete manifestation of our partnership.

Lenny Hayes, CMO & CTO of TradeHall, believes that there are growing numbers of investors that are shifting their attention toward the Forex market due to various global financial events, and this will lead to the increasing number of investors and rising trading volume in the forex market. 

At the same time, Lenny Hayes understands that DMT may create a safer haven for all investors, which is a goal that TradeHall has been eager to achieve since its inception. This common goal is to promote the development partnership between both parties.

When DMT presented its technology to TradeHall, Lenny Hayes said bluntly: “We see this as a revolutionary change in the industry. I doubt any investors will ever go back to the traditional forex trading route.”

DMT looks forward to a long-term partnership with TradeHall and firmly believes that this partnership will bring a positive impact to the forex market and all DMT partners. Both parties will develop a deeper collaboration during this journey, which is truly a momentous event for all DMT members.