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A commodity is a basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other commodities of the same type.

What is a Commodities?

Commodities are most often used as inputs in the production of other goods or services.Investors and traders can buy and sell commodities directly in the spot (cash) market or via derivatives such as futures and options. Owning commodities in a broader portfolio is encouraged as a diversifier and a hedge against inflation.


Example of commodities:



Crude Oil


Benefits of trades Commodities CFDs

A safe haven like certain commodities, such as gold, can be a sensible investment in times of market turbulence

Profitable Returns by taking advantage of price

movements in liquid markets

Broad exposure to commodities can be a good

source of portfolio diversification

Trading with low

amount deposit

Why Tradehall?

why tradehall-01

User-friendly Platform

No complicated process during

account opening and trading.

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Competitive Spreads & Low Commision

TradeHall providing low spreads & low commission to helps our client grow their wealth faster.

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Segregated funds

Our clients’ fund in segregated

account and they secured.

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Authorised and Regulated

Only authorised and regulated forex platform

are legal to providing services, and also known as a secured platform.

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Negative Balance Protection

We are providing Negative Balance Protection, to prevent our client end up with negative balance when the market is unstable.

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24/7 Online Support

When you are facing any problems,

our support team is

just there for you in a click.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Account Applications

What I need to submit for verification?

– A color copy of valid passport or other official identification document issued by authorities (e.g. driver’s license, identity card, etc). The identification document must contain the client’s full name, an issue or expiry date, the client’s place and date of birth or tax identification number and the client’s signature.

– A recent utility bill (e.g. electricity, gas, water, phone, oil, Internet and/or cable TV connection, bank account statement) dated within the last 6 months and confirming your registered address.

Why do I need to submit my documents for account validation?

As a regulated company, we operate in accordance with a number of compliance-related issues and procedures imposed by our main regulatory authority, ASIC. These procedures involve the collection of adequate documentation from our clients with regards to KYC (Know Your Client), including the collection of a valid ID card and a recent (within 6 months) utility bill or bank account statement that confirms the address the client has registered with.

Trading Accounts

How can I start trading?

If you have already opened a trading account, received your login details by email, submitted your identification documents for account validation, and made a deposit; the next step is to download the trading platform of your choice. You can find detailed guidance to our trading platforms here.

What trading account types do you offer?

Standard- Minimum deposit $100

ECN PRO- Minimum deposit $3000

ECN VIP- Minimum deposit $20,000

Is my money safe?

Clients’ funds get transferred to the Company’s segregated client bank account. These funds are off balance sheet and cannot be used to pay creditors in the unlikely event of the Company’s insolvency.

How can I calculate the margin?

Margin calculation formula for forex instruments is the following: (Lots * contract size / leverage) where the result is at always in the primary currency of the symbol. For instance, if the base currency for your trading account is USD, your leverage is 1:500 and you are trading 1 lot EURUSD, the margin will be calculated like this: (1 * 100 000/500) = 200 Euros

How to calculate profits?

The profit calculation is as follows: (Close Price-Open Price)*Lots*Contract Size


What payment options do I have to deposit/withdraw money?

We offer a wide range of payment options for deposits/withdrawals: by multiple credit cards, multiple electronic payment methods, bank wire transfer, local bank transfer, and other payment methods.

How much is the minimum deposit?


How much is the minimum withdrawal?


Any charges from withdrawal?

No charges inccured


What is Deposit Bonus How does it work?

When you register a TradeHall Live Account and deposit a minimum of $100, you can earn 50% of your deposit back as an extra trading fund. You can use the deposit bonus to trade at real live account and it is withdrawable.

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