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We are the top retail brokerage and financial services business

TradeHall started in 2020 with the launch of its founders’ first online trading service under the trademark TradeHall. Young, energetic and success-ready, we work towards the vision of making a difference in the industry.

Providing a diverse range of financial and risk management services

All-in-one service

Tradehall offers personal finance, wealth management, brokerage white labeling, fintech products, and other financial services to clients.

Wide Range of Tradeable Instruments

We bring specialist and global expertise in over 500+ instruments such as foreign currencies, precious metals, energy, shares, commodities,futures and cryptocurrencies, that provide first-class trading experience for our clients

Innovative and careful risk management

We deliver sustained long-term values to
ensure our clients' best
user experience with us.

Driving Improved Financial Performance

Clients' Money

Tradehall holds the client money in a segregated Australian trust account, in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements.

Experienced Support Team

The company’s mission is to provide traders around the world with innovative trading tools to achieve financial standards and strive to give the best online trading experience in the market.

Easiest Trading Platform

Customers can also enjoy various advantages
such as PAMM, MT5 mobile,
and desktop trading.

Know more about our professional services

Reliable | Simple | Innovative

Tradehall’s consistent focus on innovation, best-in-class user experience and breadth of offerings are the key elements for the increased Active Customers activities on the Trading Platform.

On the other hand, Tradehall’s practices stable and robust core risk management principles. It is supported by our long-standing approach to establishing and maintaining an appropriate risk culture.

Tradehall’s will continue its emphasis on acquiring New Customers from the regulated markets, particularly those New Customers and will expand its geographic reach over time.

Full Range of Trading Platforms

Enjoy a wide range of trading platforms including MetaTrader 5, Web-based versions and mobile applications are available so that you can access the financial markets at any time, anywhere.

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